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Reading Call Numbers

Each item in the library has a unique call number assigned to it that explains where the book is located. Library of Congress (LC) call numbers group books on the shelves by broad subject areas, such as Social Sciences, Law, Education, etc. Once you find a book that is appropriate to your need, you can find more titles that are related to your research topic by browsing other items located nearby

EXAMPLE: BR65 .A64 2003



Read the first letter/s in alphabetical order. Thus, BR comes before BT and after BA.


LINE 2: 65

Read the first number as a whole number. The combination of the first two lines represents the subject of the book.


LINE 3: .A64

The third line in this example is a combination of letters and numbers. Read the letter in alphabetical order, and the number as a decimal. Thus, .A64 = .64. Remember a decimal is a fraction of a whole number; therefore, .64 comes before .7. In other words, 64/100 comes before 70/100.


LINE 4: 2003

Line three represents the year the book was published.


 For example, books with the following call numbers from NHU library will be arranged on the shelf from left to right as follows: